Where are the Superior, Super and Super Premium Strains?

We call our Kratom “Premium” because it comes to us direct from the growers .  We know it is the best Kratom you can find. Beware of misleading labels and marketing hype. Some vendors offer several different grades of kratom leaves (with names such as “superior,” “super,” and “super premium”). Many users have found that there is little if any difference in these “different” grades. Kratom leaves do vary in potency, but it does not appear that vendors have found a reliable method for separating the leaves accordingly. It is important to find a trustworthy source. We are not out to lie to or deceive our customers in order to make money.

Where can I leave my review?

You can go to the product you purchased, and by the description you will see an area for you to leave reviews.  We have just added this feature recently and are still adding reviews that were emailed in before the review feature was up.  You need to have actually purchased the product to leave a review, our managers verify your order to keep the review system honest.

What about a reward program?

It is in the works and we will announce it as soon as it is available!

What is the eCare System?

We put as much care and effort into electronic communication as we do over the phone and in our office in person. The Unicorn Botanicals eCare System ensures your messages will  be reviewed by one of our staff and be given top priority. It shouldn’t matter how you communicated with us, every customer and communication is equally important. If you sent us a message outside our normal business hours, it will be handled as soon as possible.

What states do you ship to?

Unicorn Botanicals must follow the laws of the State of Texas, and our website and online store is regulated by interstate commerce laws, which fall under United States of America federal law. Outside of Texas, Unicorn Botanicals cannot and is not making any claims as to the legality of any of the products sold by it. It is the sole responsibility of each individual customer to comply with all laws and regulations of the particular jurisdiction which the customer is in.

I haven’t collected my package yet but it is denoted as delivered

Sometimes, the status of delivery may be changed ahead of time by the USPS according to the day it is expected to arrive. On such an occasion the parcel may be delivered the next day. If it still does not reach the venue be sure to ask other family members, neighbors or management officers if they have taken the package for you. Even though it is rare for a package to be lost during transportation, it is a possibility which we must consider. It may be delivered to a wrong address or placed in an area difficult to locate such as the garage or lawn. If such an event occurs contact 1-800-ASK-USPS and ask them to investigate on the matter so that they call the people responsible for the delivery. Within 2 days you will receive a call from the office giving information about the issue and insuring that you will receive the package. Parcels have been retrieved and delivered correctly many times, however contact us any time if you still have trouble collecting the package.

I am trying to check the status of my package but I can’t find any tracking data on the website

During the process of transportation USPS does not check or trace parcels, however it gives the date and time that it was delivered. Usually, tracking information is updated 4 – 6 hours after your package has been processed by the USPS.  There are times when no tracking information will uploaded till the package reaches its destination. l

Shipment not found, has it been lost?

If the shipment does not reach the allocated place within 15 days of delivery in the United States, the USPS claims that it is lost. This may occur if the customer does not specify information concerning the address. In such a case the loss is the sole responsibility of the customer and the company will not return the money. All parcels which have been updated as delivered by the USPS will not be repaid. The address given should be a protected place because stolen packages are not USPS’s concern so money will not be returned.

Do you ship to PO Boxes and military addresses?

We do NOT ship to military addresses.  Kratom is currently not legal on military bases/forts.  Although we do ship to states where the laws may differ, we are not messing around with the federal government since those laws apply to all states.  We do ship to PO Boxes.

The shipping address in my shipping label is not the same as the shipping location I submitted

Changes in the addresses may occur but no delivery errors have occurred till now. The reason this happens is that the shipping system authenticates common target locations using the USPS address corresponding system to print our postage labels. The standard is changed so that deliveries are made on time.

Is there any way I can track my shipment?

We will email you confirming that your order has been sent for delivery. The email consists your shipment number, just click on the link provided to track your package. Data can be viewed after the package has left for shipment. Shipping numbers are provided to us by the carriers, and any mistake or content on their part does not concern us in any way. We only provide services for package delivery verification, not packing tracing services.

Inaccurate addresses:

If a package is returned to us concerning inaccurate address than the money will be repaid. However, in a case where the order is not returned and you don’t receive it no return will be given. Please confirm the shipping address again before placing an order. If you have already submitted the order and realize that you have made a mistake, email us as quick as you can as we deliver the packages efficiently. If the package is already sent for delivery it will not be refunded.

My received parcel is damaged

If the package you collect is damaged, please, notify us with an email to damaged@unicornbotanicals.com. In order to prove the product is damaged it is imperative that you attach a photo of the package so that your complaint is registered. We take photos of all orders before they are shipped out as part of our quality assurance process.  This may help prove to the USPS that the damage occurred in transit. It may take around 30 days for the USPS to process this, till then you must keep all the components of the package as you may be asked to take them to your nearby USPS for examination later.

Why do you not accept credit cards directly?

This is a complicated situation, however we will try to keep the explanation simple. US Banks have never approved a company to have a merchant account to take cards as payment. Companies (including us since 2013) have taken cards in the past, using methods to obscure the products we actually sell (usually merchant applications listed our products as soap or natural botanicals).  They have cracked down in 2020 and now find out easily who is taking cards for payment.  They freeze the funds, withhold them and shut down the merchant account.  We are not willing to take that risk with your money or our processing. 

Why do some companies take credit cards?

Honestly, we don't know.  Usually they are small time and off the radar or lied about what they sell and haven't been caught yet.  Other larger companies take them, but they have to use a high risk out of country credit card processor that routes your money through international sources such as China and Africa (two of the most common).  Security of your card information goes right out the window at that point and loses it's protection under US laws.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Venmo and CashApp. They both frown on Kratom sales as well, we ask you to not put the work Kratom anywhere in the memo/notes section when you send your payment.  Please see the Order Payment Instructions section of your confirmation email on what to put in your payment notes when sending it.

How can I add an item to my order?

If you want to add an item to your order just let us know what you want and we will try to add it on there if it is before 10 pm the day before it ships. But consider placing a new order as that is faster. According to your needs we can ship the two orders separately or even together.

Is it possible to change the shipping address after placing an order?

You can change your shipping address any time before your order has been dispatched from our facility. Let us know as soon as possible and we will complete the changes for you. However any packages that have left our facility cannot be fixed due to USPS limitations.

Is it possible to cancel a placed order?

Yes, contact us as soon as possible and we will cancel your order and give you a full refund as long as it has not been shipped.

I haven’t received any confirmation email, what should I do?

In this case contact us as soon as you possible can and we will look into this. As soon as you checkout an order an automated email is sent. Please look into the spam and junk folders as your email provider may mistakenly treating our emails as spam.